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Welcome to the Resource Center. This page contains updated information related to federal regulations, state performance plans (SPPs) and annual performance report (APRs). This information is critical to the successful implementation of IDEA Part B, 619.

This page also includes a diverse range of materials from OSEP's technical assistance centers, including resources for improving stakeholder engagement, building leadership capacity and improving early childhood special education systems. To learn more about each of these technical assistance centers, please navigate to the "Technical Assistance" tab in the main menu above.

Resources for IDEA Part B, 619: Regulations

  1. U. S. Department of Education, IDEA Statute and Regulations
  3. ESSA Technical Edits – current preschool regulations

Policy Letters

  1. Link to OSEP page:

State Performance Plan, Annual Performance Report

  1. 2019 Part B APR Package:
    1. 2019 SPP/APR instructions
    2. 2019 SPP/APR measurement table
    3. 2019 SPP/APR memo
  2. Final SPP/APRs Public View: 
  3. Part B Indicator Analysis 2018

Data Collection

  1. 618 Data Tables:
    1. 2017-18 static tables
    2. 2016-17 static tables
    3. 2015-16 static tables
  2. File Specification Guides:
  • Select 089 Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Early Childhood  


System Building

  1. System Framework Quick Start Guide:

Leadership Building (COMING SOON)

  1.  ECPC Competencies

Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Leading by Convening:

Technical Assistance Center Information (COMING SOON)

  1. Early Childhood Technical Assistance Centers on Call


  1. ECTA Part B and 619 Finance page:
  2. Preschool Inclusion Finance Toolkit:


  1. U. S. Department of Health and Human Resources and U. S. Department of Education Joint Policy Statement on Inclusion of Children in Early Childhood Programs, 2015:
  2. OSEP Dear Colleague Letter on Preschool Inclusion:,:  2017
  3. OSEP Dear Colleague Letter on Referrals, April 2016:
  4. ECTA Inclusion page:
  5. B6 tool and materials:
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