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Welcome to the World of IDEA Part B, Section 619

Congratulations on your appointment as the Part B 619 Coordinator. We are certain that you are excited to be working in your state’s special education system, under the direction of the Special Education Director, or their designee, on behalf of preschool aged children with disabilities and their families. Responsibilities of the 619 Coordinator are varied, depending upon the administrative structure, staff responsibilities, and priorities within each state. The role that you have accepted is full of opportunities as well as challenges. The need for accurate and timely information has been the impetus for this new resource designed by Part B, 619 Coordinators for Part B, 619 Coordinators.

The Collaboration Space is designed to share relevant information, important news and valuable resources. Included within this collaborative space is a resource center that contains materials that include leadership, stakeholder engagement, and using data to support continuous improvement with the goal of ensuring high-quality services for young children with disabilities and their families within the state’s early childhood system. 

The resource center also provides practical information regarding Part B regulations, the State Performance Plans and Annual Performance Report, as well as related organizational structures, terms and content to know.

In addition to the resource center, this site contains a link to the GRADS 360 calendar for important upcoming events and activities, as well as section for IDEA-related news.

This site continues to be a work in process. We want you to help shape the content by letting us know what information you need, what resources you would like access to and the format that is most useful to you. Let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: FPG Child Development Institute, The University of North Carolina