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OSEP Collaboration Spaces
When: Thursday, Apr 29, 2021, 2:00AM

Best Practices of SAPs and SICCs, April 29, 2021

Come join your colleagues from State Advisory Panels (SAP) and State Interagency Coordinating Councils (SICC) across the country on April 29, 12:30-2:00 (ET).

The purpose of SAPs and SICCs is to provide state education agencies and lead agencies with the authentic voice of stakeholders to advise and/or assist in a state’s effort to serve children with disabilities and their families. Join other SAP and SICC members throughout the country to share your experiences and to learn about best practices of the work and operations of SAPs and SICCs. All are welcome who are interested in, serve on or provide support to one of these groups.

Register in advance of the session at: SAP/SICC_April 2021 Webinar_Best Practices of SAPs & SICCs

After you complete this registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the information for connecting to the webinar. To learn more about resources for SAPs and SICCs, go to