IDEA State Advisory Panels (SAP) and State Interagency Coordinating Councils (SICC) address the needs of students with disabilities in K-12 special education programs, early intervention programs, and preschool.

This website is intended to address the information and communication needs of:
• SAP members and State Education Agency (SEA) staff
• SICC members and Lead Agency (LA) staff
• Individuals interested in learning about the functions of the SAPs and SICCs


Upcoming Events

SAP/SICC Webinar: Learning Together In HI: Increasing Active Engagement Through the State Education Advisory Council

May 2, 2019, 4:00 pm EST

Presenters:  Martha Guinan, SEAC Chair; Susan Rocco, SEAC member; Susan Wood, SEAC member; and Steven Vanatta, HI Office of Special Education, Community Councils.

This month’s webinar will highlight the work of Hawaii’s State Education Advisory Council (SEAC). 

The Hi team will describe the development of learning packages with an infographic and a dialogue guide to support use of the material in the field. They will describe how the experience of co-creation offered a way to share talents and knowledge while building teamwork that will continue and deepen.

For more information about the webinar, please download the flyer. The flyer gives a full description of the webinar, the link to pre- register and the captioning link, which provides real-time captioning during the webinar.

Registration link:

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