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OSEP Collaboration Spaces

User Guides and Tutorials

To ensure the success and engagement of the OSEP Collaboration Pages, we have developed User Guides and Video Tutorials that walk participants through the different site functions. We encourage you to download for future reference if needed. Users can also explore and learn more about participating effectively in a Community of Practice, through a series of briefs highlighting best practices for engaging in on-line communities.

How to get started in the OSEP Collaboration Spaces

PDF icongettingstarteduserguide-508.pdf

Maximizing Your Time in the OSEP Collaboration Spaces

PDF iconmaximizingtime-userguide-508.pdf

Using the files and folders  

PDF iconfilesuserguide-508.pdf

Accessing the discussion boards  

PDF icondiscussionuserguide-508.pdf                 

Creating a calendar event    

PDF iconcalendaruserguide-508.pdf     

Using the Wiki collaborative document

PDF iconwikiuserguide-508.pdf           

Space Administrators User Guide 

PDF iconosep-collabspacesadminug-508_1.pdf                     

Our OSEP Collaboration Spaces User Guides are also available to view on our YouTube channel. For more information on how to engage effectively within the OSEP Collaboration Spaces please visit: OEcbgBUbdMc4B_2ApdqarJZ7Wqz3siPI  

Communities of Practice Info Briefs

Beyond Webinars: Learning Together in an Online Collaborative Space

PDF icon itw-briefbeyondwebinars508.pdf    

Can We Lead Virtually? Yes, We Can!

PDF icon osepleadingconveningvirtually-508.pdf    

Creating Value in an Online Collaborative Space    

PDF iconitw-briefonlncollabspce508.pdf   

 Leading and Learning in the School Community: Providers, Principals and Parents as Influencers

PDF iconosepstrategiesengageparents-508.pdf

Powerful Connections: Building Partnerships Across Organizations

PDF iconpowerfulconnections-508.pdf