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National SAP & SICC Workgroup Information Flyer

All Part C early intervention programs (serving infants and toddlers birth to three) are required to have a State Interagency Coordinating Council (SICC); while all Part B special education programs (serving children ages 3-21) are required to have a State Advisory Panel (SAP).

A workgroup currently assists in planning national activities to support states in organizing, orienting, and providing learning opportunities for SICCs and SAPs across the country. The workgroup consists of interested staff from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), federally funded parent centers, OSEP-funded Technical Assistance Centers, and state staff currently involved in their states’ SICC or SAP.

The workgroup collaboratively plans and facilitates professional learning and capacity-building activites for SICC and SAP chairs/members and state staff on topics including interagency collaboration, leadership, engagement of families and other stakeholders, and emerging issues.  Activities include webinars and teleconferences, online resources, and connections to partner centers.

For more information, contact the workgroup by email:


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